Classes & Workshops

Classes Starting September 11, 2017

All classes starting September 11, 2017 will run through November 3, 2017. Classes are 8 weeks long.

All students signing up for both classes will need to come on Monday, September 11th for an orientation class beginning at 4pm.  Students wishing to audition for the Advanced Acting Class will be asked to audition at this time.  Some students may be released before 5:30.

High School/ Adult Choir - $50 Mondays from 6 - 7:30pm

Instructor will be Shelly RenzelmanNo audition requiredThis class provides High School Students and adults and opportunity to work together and learn to sing harmonies and achieve a common goal of making really great music.   Our goal is to provide performance opportunities in the Lewis-Clark Valley for our adult choir. Sign up deadline is September 6, 2017.

Playwriting and Stage Direction - $50 Wednesdays from 6 - 7:30

This is a great chance to get to work with Beth Fitzgerald-Atkinson, former English and Drama Teacher at Lewiston High School. Beth’s class will teach the students how to write a monologue or scene.  Students will learn how to write dialogue for actors and how to structure scenes through Stage Direction. Sign up deadline is September 6th, 2017.

Class starting September 16, 2017

Classes are 8 weeks long.

Show Choir - $50 Saturdays from 10:30 - noon

The Lewiston Civic Theatre is so excited to present this class. Ages 3rd grade - 8th grade.  Amy McLean will be teaching for us for the first time.  The class will provide students a chance to work together in a musical environment and to perform in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Sign up deadline is September 6, 2017.

Class starting September 30, 2017

Classes are 8 weeks long.

Making for the Stage - $35 Saturdays from Time 1 - 3pm

Instructors Gabi Garcia and Jef Peterson.  What is Fabrication you ask?  The class offers creative problem solving and  will involve such things as how to make additions to your costume or how to make a prop for a show.   It promises to be a fun and creative class. Sign up deadline is October 16, 2017.

Workshop on September 16, 2017

Stage Movement class - $35 Saturday from 4 - 6pm

Jef Peterson’s workshop will help students feel more confident and at ease when moving across the stage. We are offering two different classes:  One for our younger actors from 5th Grade to 8th Grade (1-3pm) and our older actors from Grades 9 through Adults. (4-6pm) Sign up deadline is September 11, 2017.

Workshop on September 30, 2017

Stage Combat Workshop - $35 Saturday from 1 - 3pm

Workshop taught by Jef Peterson.  Students will learn the basic technique of Stage combat…how to portray stage violence with the proper actions and reactions. Sign up deadline is September 25, 2017.

Workshop on October 28, 2017

Stage make-up workshop - $35 + $15 w/ make-up kit Time 1-3

Includes make-up kit that students can take with them and the class is offered on October 28, just in time for Halloween parties.  Time – 1-3. Sign up deadline is October 23, 2017.

Leilani Ferrell is teaching a makeup workshop. The makeup class will be geared to those students who want to know the basics of stage makeup and Leilani will help the students achieve their Halloween makeup goals.

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