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Phone: (208) 746-3401

The CostumeShop is part of the Lewiston Civic Theatre, a not-for-profit organization that runs primarily on donated time and treasures. The CostumeShop provides costumes for our plays and also rents costumes out to the public for a donation.

Meet our Costume Keepers

Joan Burrow is a Chiropractic Physician practicing out of her home in the Lewiston Orchards.  She has been involved in the Civic Theatre as a stage manager, production manager, light and sound, and now in the costuming. She's very creative - the crocodile who slithered across the stage in Peter Pan and the dancing cutlery in Beauty and the Beast are samples of her work.

Tammi Smith owns and operates Country Stitch, located on 5th Street in Clarkston. Her husband, John, has served on the Civic Theatre's Board of Directors, and two of her children (Ethan and Rachel) are frequently members of the cast or crew. Tammi is a huge help and our "go to girl" for cries for help.

Gabi Garcia works as a Health Information Specialist at Lewiston Orthopaedics. She studied Theatre Performance at the U of I, has been in many productions. Gabi's background and experience make her a great asset to the shop. She has been volunteering at the Civic Theatre since the age of 11.

Clothing Donations

The Costume Shop is thrilled to accept treasures.  We love donated clothing and costumes - modern and vintage, casual and dressy, plain and fancy, in all shapes and sizes.  We use fabric, thread, notions, trims, braid, buttons, ribbons and more to make costumes.

Some donations we will keep as is, to use on stage.  Some we will take apart and rebuild, to use on stage.  Some we will sell to help fund the CostumeShop and the Civic. So, if you have a sentimental attachment to the item(s) you are considering donating, you should not donate them to us.  If you are willing to let the item(s) go to our best use, we will put it to that good use.

To donate clothing, please contact Tammi Smith at
The Country Stitch, 731 5th St, Clarkston
Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm.

Volunteer your time

Like to sew? Get satisfaction from seeing a job accomplished!

Sometimes a particular show needs special costuming, and something that already exists in the shop needs to be repaired, remodeled, rebuilt or resized, or we need to start a new costume from scratch.  Sometimes costumes that go out in one piece come back as something less usable.  If you'd like to do a basket full of repairs once in awhile, we have a job for you!  We are always in need of people who are willing to sew 'on demand' and to a deadline.  Let us know if you are willing!

We work on projects in two hour blocks, once or twice a week.  As long as the theatre exists, we will continue to accept donations and to make costumes for this play or that, so our need for volunteers will continue.

We also have less technical jobs available - reorganizing our stock, attaching bar codes and putting the thousands of items that we already have into a computerized inventory program.

We work with a nice group of people.  We work together and, we have fun doing it!  We are refereed to as a " volunteer army".
We are very good at keeping our time commitment to two hours.  We work a lot of Sunday afternoons, 3-5pm and usually one evening a week (it's different every week).

If you'd like to work with us once in a while, like us on facebook, ask to be added to the CostumeKeepers messenger group, and you'll get a message when we've scheduled a work party.

Costume Rentals

Want a costume?

We have thousands of costumes, in virtually every era, and are pretty good at finding one that will work for almost any event.  Contact us below by email to set up a time to come look through our inventory.

Our mission is to use technology to make the CostumeShop a user friendly resource for costume rentals.  Eventually we plan to make the CostumeShop a profit center for the Civic Theatre.

Tuesday - Friday 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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Contact Us

One great way to contact us is to friend us on Facebook, and use messenger to communicate.

If it's truly an emergency, you can text:

Joan (208)503-0701
Tammi (509)254-3024
Gabi (208)791-3285.
Realize that we are all occupied full time with our own work and family.