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2023 - 2024 Season Auditions - Sept. 9 & 10!

- A Christmas Story, the Musical, Directed by Larry Goodwin (performing Nov. 30 - Dec. 17, 2023)
- I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change, Directed by Terry Lewis (performing at the Lindsay Creek Vineyards; Jan 18- 28, 2024)
- Peter and the Starcatcher, Directed by Amanda Marzo (performing Mar. 1 - 17, 2024)
- School of Rock, the Musical, Directed by Amy Baker Stout (performing June 6 -23, 2024)

WHEN: Sept 9 & 10 - 12 to 6 PM (Children slots are 12-3PM)
WHERE: LCT Box Office - 832 Main Street
SIGN UP: Please sign up for an audition slot at this link:


Please come prepared with a one to two minute monologue and 32 Bars of music from a show similar to our season selection. We will not have an accompanist so we are asking auditions to provide their own track.

In the sign-up form, you can include a track for your song or a link to a track (ex. YouTube) for your song.

If you are a child auditioning for one of the musician roles in School of Rock the Musical, who plays an instrument on stage - we ask that you provide a short video of your child playing their instrument. We are seeking roles for a keyboardist, electric guitarist, drummer and bass guitarist, ages 14 and under. Please Note:  These actors may have an additional time commitment for rehearsal, as they will be needed to rehearse with the band. 

Callbacks and dance auditions for every show, if necessary, will be announced at a later date.

For questions, please  e-mail lctboxoffice@gmail.com or call our Box Office at 208-746-3401.


CHRISTMAS STORY - From the songwriting team behind Dear Evan Hansen, La La Land andThe Greatest Showman, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.The beloved 1983 movie to musical is brought to life on stage in A Christmas Story, the Musical. Set in 1940’s Indiana, a young and bespectacled Ralphie Parker schemes his way toward the holiday gift of his dreams, an official Red Ryder Air Rifle. A leg lamp, pink bunny pajamas, and a freezing flagpole are just a few of the distractions that stand between Ralphie and his Christmas wish. Be careful, or you’ll shoot your eye out.

Directed by Larry Goodwin

CHARACTERS (Seeking actors ages 8 and older)

  • Jean Shepherd/Narrator: (Late 40-60/Male) This actor narrates the story, interacts with Ralphie, and plays several minor characters. This character must be comfortable interacting with audience members and does not need to dance. They sing one line in the show.

The Family

  • Ralphie: (stage age - 9 years old - vocal range: F#3 - D5) A 5th Grade boy who wants an Air Rifle for Christmas. Ralphie is a sweet kid, with an imagination that drives several scenes. This actor will need to be a strong singer. Dancing is minimal.
  • The Old Man: (stage age - 30's- 40's; Vocal range Bb2 - G4) Gruff and grumbling on the exterior but has a good heart. Blue Collar dad. This actor needs to be a strong singer and a good dancer.
  • Mother: (stage age - 30's - 40's- vocal range: G3 - Db5) Ralphie's mother who keeps the household together with a smile. This actor must be a good singer, dancer and comfortable with children.
  • Randy: (stage age - 7 years old - vocal range: F#3 - D5) Ralphie's younger brother. Cute, cuddly, and whiny - like most baby brothers. This actor will need to sing and dance.

Featured Adults:

  • Miss Shields: (stage age - 30's to 50's - vocal range: F#3 - D5) Ralphie's 5th Grade teacher. Prim and proper - stern when necessary. In Ralphie's fantasy, she turns into a brassy, belting, showstopper who tap dances. This actor must be a singer with a strong belt, good at dance and comfortable with children.
  • Santa: (stage age - 30's to 60's - vocal range: Bb2 - F4) The Santa Claus at the Higbee's Department Store. Slightly inebriated and very unhappy with his job. Likely will also be in the male ensemble.

The Kids (stage ages 9-13)

  • Flick: Ralphie's best friend and classmate. The guinea pig for the frozen flagpole licking experiment. Actor should be able to sustain talking with a lisp.
  • Schwartz: Ralphie's classmate - he becomes the scapegoat when Ralphie utters an unmentionable word.
  • Scut Farkus: (stage age 12/13) schoolyard bully - loud, obnoxious, and wears a coonskin cap
  • Grover Dill: (stage age 9/10) Farkus' sidekick
  • Esther Jane - classmate
  • Mary Beth - classmate
  • Nancy - classmate


  • Ensemble Kids (stage age 9-12)
  • Ensemble Adults ( stage age 20 - 50) some of the ensemble roles will include Santa's elves at Higbee's and smaller roles in scenes dancing and singing.

I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE - Book and Lyrics by Joe DiPietro and Music by Jimmy Roberts

Directed by Terry Lewis and performed at the Lindsay Creek Vineyards

A musical revue celebrating the mating game! This crowd-pleasing comedy takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum know as “the relationship.”

Seeking Roles for ages 18+ (3 Women and 3 Men) who will be singing and acting through various skits and song numbers through various stages of relationships.

Content Warning: Adult themes and language.

PETER AND THE STARCATCHER by Rick Elice, with Music by Wayne Barker

Directed by Amanda Marzo

Peter and the Starcatcher provides a humorous and fantastical backstory for the beloved character of Peter Pan and his arch-nemesis Captain Hook, in this wickedly imaginative play, we meet a poor orphaned child on the high seas. His world is turned upside down when he meets Molly, the daughter of a famous Starcatcher Lord Astor. From marauding pirates and jungle tyrants to unwilling comrades and unlikely heroes. Peter and the Starcatcher upends the century-old story of how a miserable orphan comes to be The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (a.k.a. Peter Pan) and is a play with music, not a traditional musical that whimsically explores the bonds of friendship, duty, and love.

Female and Female presenting actors are encouraged to audition for any role regardless of gender in the description.

Content Warning:
physical violence, mature language and content.
CHARACTERS - (Seeking actors 16+)

Black Stache
A notorious pirate, terrorizing the seven seas in search of a worthy
adversary. Heartless, hirsute, and suspiciously well read. Partial to the
poetical and theatrical, which causes him to behave quite
Age: 30 to 50

Molly Aster
A young girl and Starcatcher apprentice who is taken aboard the
Neverland as precious cargo. Curious and intelligent, she is only
beginning to understand the confusing romantic longings that come
with her age. She will risk anything for the sake of what is right.
Age: 16 to 25

A lonely and hardened orphan who doesn't miss much. Nameless,
homeless, and friendless at the beginning of the play and a hero by
the end. He wants a home and a family more than anything, and
dreams of a life of being free.
Age: 16 to 25

The schoolmaster of St. Norbert's Orphanage for Lost Boys. Mean
and malodorous, he revels in keeping his boys in the dark and
malnourished. Optional Doublings include:
Age: 40 to 60

Mrs. Bumbrake
Molly's nanny, a stereotypical British cad and outfitted with the duty of
teaching Molly about womanhood. She still has enough charm in her
age to attract a sailor or two. Optional Doubling as TEACHER.
Age: 40 to 60

Bill Slank
The vicious orphaned captain of the Neverland. Does not possess the
capacity to lead anyone but himself, which puts himself constantly in
disaster. Greedy enough to send boys to their doom for the chance of
gaining star stuff. Optional Doubling as HAWKING CLAM.
Age: 35 to 55

Black Stache's first mate. He is single-mindedly dedicated to his
captain's every whim.
Age: 25 to 55

An orphan, ambitious, hyper articulate, and logical. He yearns to be
leader, even when he knows in his heart that he'll never be one. A bit
of a blowhard with a touch of cowardice.
Age: 16 to 25

A seafarer, an old sea dog proud of his tenure. His kind heart gives
him an appeal to the feminine sensibility.
Age: 50 to 65

Lord Leonard Aster
Molly's father, a loyal subject to the Queen. The very model of a
Victorian English gentleman, he is a faithful friend and a secret
Age: 40 to 60

Captain Robert Falcon Scott
Lord Aster's old school friend, the captain of the Wasp, Britain's
fastest frigate. Lives with nautical bravura and heroic patriotism.
Age: 35 to 45

An orphan obsessed with food. A natural performer with easy wit and
quite poetic language.
Age: 16 to 25


Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Glenn Slater and Book by Julian Fellowes

Directed by Amy Baker Stout

School of Rock is a musical based on the 2003 film of the same name. The story follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to earn a quick paycheck by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. There, he turns a class of straight A students into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind blowing rock band. While teaching these prodigies what it means to truly rock, Dewey falls for Rose, the beautiful headmistress, who also begins to see through him. In the end, Dewey is exposed, but his renegade teaching style has inspired his students to successfully complete in the Battle of the Bands.

Content Warning: mature language.

CHARACTERS (Seeking actors ages 10+)

According to our contract, the characters in this show must be played as the gender indicated in the script, but you are welcome to audition for any of the characters, if you are willing to play the role as the gender specified. If you have questions about this policy, please reach out to us!


Dewey Finn ( Age Range 20s – 30s) Vocal Requirements: Rock Tenor, Range B2 – E5 Instrument Requirements: On stage guitar
A wanna-be rockstar with big dreams. Dewey finds himself in urgent need of some cash after getting kicked out of his band. He impersonates a teacher to land a job at the prestigious Horace Green prep school where he turns his class of straight-A students into a rock group and enters them in the battle of the bands.

Rosalie Mullins ( Age Range late 20s – 30s) Vocal Requirements: Soprano, Range A3 – D6)

Proper and a bit uptight, Rosalie is the headmistress of Horace Green School. She has a secret love of rock music and yearns to recapture the carefree spirit of her youth.

Ned Schneebly (Age Range 20s – 30s)
Vocal Requirements: Baritone, Range C3 – F#4
Ned is the best friend of Dewey and a former wanna-be rockstar as well but conforms to normal life as a substitute teacher at the insistence of his controlling girlfriend, Patti.

Patti Di Marco (Age Range 20s – 30s)
Vocal Requirements: Mezzo-Soprano Belt, Range B3 – E5
Ned’s domineering girlfriend, who lives with Ned and Dewey. She calls the shots in their relationship and isn’t too happy about Dewey’s presence in their flat – or his influence on Ned.

No Vacancy Band – Theo (D3 – D5), Doug (G3 – G4), Bob (G3 – D5), Snake (G3 – G4) Any drumming skills are a plus!

Teachers & Parents – Mr. Sanders (B2 – F4), Ms. Gordon (D4 – E5), Ms. Sheinkopf (B3 – E5) + Mr. Sandford (Eb4 – Ab4) + additional SATB Parents & Teachers

Additional Adult Ensemble Roles: We are seeking skilled dancers and character actors to help bring the ensemble to life as teachers, parents, groupies, bar patrons, bartenders, etc.


Zack – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D5 Instrument Requirements: On-stage electric guitar

Zack is the band’s lead guitarist and also a talented songwriter. He desperately wants to impress his father, who is usually too busy with work to take an interest in his family.

Katie – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D#5 Instrument Requirements: On stage bass guitar

Quiet and serious, Katie already played the cello but switched to bass at Dewey’s suggestion to fill out the band.

Lawrence – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D#5 Instrument Requirements: On stage piano/keyboard

Awkward and lacking in confidence, Lawrence is hesitant to attempt something “cool” like joining a band, but he soon turns out to be a fantastic keyboardist.

Freddy – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D5 Instrument Requirements: On stage drums.

Freddie loves a bit of rowdiness and noise, making him a great drummer. His own father doesn’t see his ability and constantly belittles his son. The ability to skateboard is a plus.

Summer – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D5
Confident and outspoken. Summer is the ideal manager for the band. Ambitious and very clever, she hopes that winning Battle of the Bands will look good on her college application.

Tomika – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – G5 New girl Tomika is struggling to fit in at Horace Green. She conquers her shyness to reveal her phenomenal singing ability and becomes a lead vocalist alongside Dewey in the band.

Marcy & Shonelle – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – G5 Quiet girls with angelic voices. Marcy & Shonelle are the band’s backup singers and dancers.

Mason – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D5 Mason is a total whiz with technology, and creates special effects and fantastic lighting designs for the band’s performances using his laptop.

Billy – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D5 Flamboyant and artistic, Billy has a passionate interest in fashion, even though his father wants him to be a footballer like the other men in his family. He designs the band’s costumes.

James – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D5
James is tough and reliable, making him a good security guard for the band. Mostly, he keeps an eye out for anyone coming while the band is secretly rehearsing.

Sophie – Vocal Requirements: Range A3 – D5 Sophie is the band’s roadie. She helps Mason with his tech & loading gear for the show.

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